10 Signs Your Cat Is Secretly Mad at You

It might be impossible for you sometimes to tell if your cat is happy or sad, purring doesn’t always mean that it is excited because you’re back home.
Cats are a mix of messages, in order to understand them more, here are some tips to follow:

10- She watches you from afar

The idea of your cat is keeping distance might sound fine to you, we always think that cats are weird by nature, however, if your cute pet avoids you more and more, keeps always extended than usual, it might be a sign that your cat is mad, afraid or not happy at all … what to do then !!
Keep Michael Rueb’s advice, a cat behavior professional, and operations manager for the National cat protection society. He says “ keep away from her for a while, she’ll come once she’s Ok, give her space”

9- He growls at you

If you think that only dogs that growl, then you’ve never seen a mad cat maybe, as Rueb says “ to express displeasure, cats make different sounds together with a low growl, “ he also said let it by himself for a while and slowly do things which will produce a positive relationship, like feeding, wiggling with toys, grooming, or speaking softly

8- She gives you “the look”

If you already own a cat then this fact is pretty obvious to you, cats can’t hide their feelings. “Cats particularly become flustered once their routine is tousled, like if you’re late feeding them or throughout daylight savings time,” says Kac Young, Ph.D., he is the author of The One Minute Cat Manager. To solve this problem you have to manage your life around your feline master. We’re kidding most of the time Cats will improve with a well-organized schedule, that you have to stick to.

7- He gets huffy when you bring out the suitcases

Whenever you’re preparing to go out cats may react unpleasantly, but its totally normal, at first they may look like they don’t care about what are you doing, but once you start preparing your bags they will keep staring at you and follow you wherever you go in your house to watch you, Young says. “This is simple to fix: Leave a t-shirt or some article of clothing along with your scent on that in their bed,” she says. “And make sure your pet-sitter gives them extra attention while you are away.” everything will be fine when you come back home.

6- She avoids her favorite mouse toy

This might sound weird to hear because cats normally love to play with their toys, here is the thing “Toys can actually be a major source of irritation for a cat”, Young says. “They get bored with the same toys so it’s important to mix them up or refresh them with catnip,” she explains. “Cats would like a lot of stimuli because they’re hunters and love chasing and capture.”

5- She channels Wolverine on your furniture

The most displeasing thing a cat can do is playing in front of you, extends her claw, then tears your new leather sofa. “Rather than aggression or anger, this is more likely due to your cat marking her territory”, says Karen Miura, an animal communicator at Whispers For Animals. “Cats square measure terribly territorial and this can be generally the basis of just about each cat behavior case I assist,” she explains. “As human consider their homes as their kingdoms, Cats do the same thing, so things like claw marks on furniture and urine spray on walls are simply fresh boundary lines.” She suggests using a cat secretion spray to assist calm things down and save your seat.

4- He purrs

Whenever cats are unhappy they usually purr isn’t it right? Purring is also a sign of anxiety, fear, or even aggression. “If you keep petting a purring cat even after he shows other signs of irritation, you are asking for a swipe or a nip”, Campbell says.

3- She refuses her favorite meal

Eating less may be a sign that your cat is mad or upset, the mythologist says that this is a reaction to a new or unfamiliar situation, a change in routine, or a big event at home, like the birth of a new baby. So pay attention to this very carefully it also can be an indication of health problem. If she doesn’t eat for more than a day or two, take her to the vet.

2- He pees on your clean laundry

As Linda Campbell says if your cat is peeing all over the house it’s a certain sign he’s distressed.
It happens frequently on soft surfaces like piles of laundry, sofa, or even your bed !! YES your bed, you should take care of this problem early before it becomes a habit.

1- Her tail is all twitchy

“One of the primary delicate signs that your cat is mad at you is once you see her tail placed low, swishy quickly back and forth from side to side”, says Emily Parker, a Cat behavior expert at Catological. “Whenever you see the tail twitch, stop no matter it’s you’re doing that’s disconcerting her, provide here some backtrack for a short while till she calms down”.