5 matters Your Cat Loves

due to the fact cats are such smart, sentient creatures, they can have an extended listing of likes (and, possibly, an equally long listing of dislikes!) In most instances, the things your cat loves are the very identical things you adore—like clean, tasty food, long naps in cozy spots, and plenty of fun activities, to call a few.

just like us humans, the things cats locate thrilling, amusing, or exciting can alternate as they age—your cat may additionally love her toy with feathers someday, but find it boring the following. As a kitty parent, it is your process to understand when your cats’ interests change, so that you can preserve her happy, healthy, and engaged. although likes can range from cat to cat, those 8 kitty “likes” are a incredible vicinity to begin.

1 Cats Love Taking Naps

it’s no secret that cats like to sleep. In fact, the average kitty sleeps for a whopping 12 to 16 hours in line with day! due to the fact cats are nocturnal creatures, they snooze most of the day away—and who can blame them? each person loves a nice, long nap in a relaxed, at ease spot.

maintain in thoughts, kittens and senior cats will spend extra time sound asleep than, say, a teen cat. however if you’re worried that your cat is napping an excessive amount of—or too little—speak for your vet approximately what is regular for his breed, age, pastime level, and length.

2 Cats Love clean, Nutritious meals

it’s unlikely that you’d want to dive into a big plate of spoiled meals at dinnertime. The identical goes to your cat. Stale and spoiled food would not simply flavor awful, either—it is able to host distinctive forms of bacteria, like Salmonella and Staphylococcus, too.

every time you serve your kitty’s food, make sure to check the expiration dates on both moist and dry food. this can ensure you are only feeding her sparkling, nutritious, and secure meals.

3 Cats Love going for walks Water

when you have a cat, you realize they’ll try and drink water from walking faucets each time the opportunity affords itself. luckily, there are heaps of consuming fountains—designed especially for cats—so they constantly have cool, fresh, jogging water available.

accept as true with it or not, some breeds of cats additionally like to play in water. if your cat loves to splash around, strive filling up the bathtub or a kiddie pool with some inches of water for the duration of her playtime. This hobby will help her get a bit bit of exercise and funky off on specifically hot days.

4Cats Love Scratching and Clawing

one of cats’ simple instincts is to sharpen their claws via scratching and clawing distinctive surfaces. they also manifest to get a ton of pleasure from it, too.

in addition to polishing their claws, scratching can assist relax and rejuvenate cats. think of it as the human equivalent to a pleasing, lengthy stretch whilst your muscle groups are worn-out or achy. A brief scratch session on a cat tree or scratching post can wake a worn-out kitty up straight away.

5Cats Love day by day Playtime

Playtime is extreme commercial enterprise for cats, all the way from kittenhood to their senior years. It doesn’t take an awful lot to maintain a cat entertained—she’ll play with something from lint and string, to tricked-out cat toys—but it’s far a essential a part of their health and improvement. now not most effective does playtime hark returned to their days inside the wild when they needed to stalk, hunt, and capture their prey, but it keeps them exercised, engaged, and glad, too.

There are actually loads of heaps of cat toys on the market, however your cat might also like gambling video games, together with conceal and are looking for, too. irrespective of your cat’s preference of play, it is critical to sneak in a few minutes every day.