8 habits we thought were good but actually aren’t

when you were a kid your parents taught you to immediately brush your teeth after meals not to sit in front of the computer screen for too long and to never stand there are microwave when it’s cooking something well it turns out you probably should have given up some of these habits a long time ago, in fact, some of them can even be really dangerous to your health

1- you have to clean your ears regularly

The human body is amazingly self-sufficient doing for itself tons of stuff so that you don’t have to and then include certain cleaning of course that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a shower and practice good hygiene but a lot of your body parts actually clean themselves your ears included ear wax is supposed to lubricate the ear canals and protect them from bacteria fungi and insects a naturally gets removed by the body itself and it’s pretty cool how this happens ear wax makes its way towards the exit by sliding down the ear canals then while you’re chewing your food these movements drive it out completely, but when you clean your ears yourself you end up more harm than good when you intrude into the ear canal you cause an increased production of your earwax and chances are you’ll just push the wax even deeper into the canal especially if you use a cotton swab this can cause a blockage which in turn can lead to a temporary loss of hearing all you should do is clean your ears out gently with a wet towel after a shower or bath.

2- you shouldn’t stand near the microwave when it’s working

Microwaves ovens aren’t dangerous as many people think I’m like x-rays or tanning beds microwave still produce chemicals or radiation noted damage DNA and cause genetic mutations, in fact, this appliance made in such a way that the electromagnetic radiation and produces can’t get out of its confines so if you just can’t wait to hold minutes for your hot pocket to finish cooking and you want to plaster your face up against the glass and apprehensively watch it spin it’s totally okay no health risk is, however, you do still have to be careful when you’re nuking your food if you reheat leftovers you can get food poisoning the thing is that a safe enough temperature isn’t typically reached when you use a microwave so there still might be some bacterial contamination just keep that in mind and be careful with your food temperatures.

3- you don’t have to close the toilet lid when you flush :

Everyone knows they should flush right after they’re done doing their business at least I hope everybody knows but it’s important to do it right if the toilet late is left open little particles of the stuff you left in the bowl gets sprayed up to 6 feet when you flush sending bacteria all over the place that’s just nasty these germs presented potential and in some cases quite a real threat of getting an infection so remember to close the lid before you flush

4- you should always wash your food before cooking it

Not all the kinds of food really need to be washed for instance red meat and poultry should never be put really underwater you won’t get rid of the bacteria you’ll just spread them all over your kitchen instead of a particularly dangerous type of food poisoning is caused by the bacteria campylobacter which lives on raw chicken meat when you wash the meat water splashes off it and contaminate your clothing hands utensils and surfaces, you should bake or boil meat without washing it beforehand this way the high temperatures will kill those harmful bacteria but any bacteria that have spread to the table or somewhere else in your kitchen can end up in your body if you don’t disinfect your surface is Thoroughly other foods like fruits and vegetables should be washed before you eat them.

5- clean your nose out if you need to:

When your nose is stuffed up you feel so uncomfortable that you’ll do anything if it helps you breathe more easily but cleaning out your nose can lead to some serious problems because you can open it up to outside bacteria this can lead to an infection in your nostrils or sinus canals just like your ears your nose cleans itself out to to get rid of everything inside you can blow your nose carefully or rent it out with saline solution if you do put your fingers in your nose make sure they’re clean first and make sure Nobody’s around to catch you digging for gold.

6- built-up limescale in a kettle is a health hazard:

if you know your chemistry you’re well aware that limescale is nothing but built-up calcium and magnesium carbonate a lot of heartburn medications are actually based on these chemicals and people take them just fine yet there’s still this misconception that limescale build-up in kettles is dangerous for your help, in fact, it’s pretty safe after all nobody eats it on purpose and large amounts but noting how much limescale you have in your Kettle can help you understand if your tap water is full of chemicals.

7- always brush your teeth after eating

of course, you should brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day but it’s important not to do it right away but instead 30 to 60 minutes after a meal, tooth enamel is the most solid bark of the human body but it becomes softer under acidic conditions like after eating a fruit or some dairy products if brush your teeth right after a meal you can damage them by removing the enamel Dentists recommend rinsing your mouth out water or chewing some gum to increase the production of saliva which naturally cleans the teeth one more way to brush your teeth before you eat something acidic this way you’ll reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth and the fewer the bacteria there are when you eat the less they’ll multiply.

8- Crossing your legs is harmful :

for a long time, people thought that sitting with their legs crossed was a Surefire way to develop varicose veins but recent studies show that it doesn’t lead to this condition at all. Varicose veins are typical in women especially those who have had a lot of kids however well crossing your legs when you set might draw more attention to the veins it’s definitely not the cause of them, of course, you shouldn’t spend too much time sitting this way but that’s true for any seated position in general…