8 Sacrifices You Need to Make to Be Rich

The idea of having extra money to spend on vacations and luxury cars may seem like a pipe dream if you’re stuck paying off credit card debt or maybe balancing two jobs. But honestly, acquiring wealth is simply about sacrifices. So, what would you be willing to give up? Sleeping in on the weekends maybe? let’s see!

Alright counting down from number 5

5 – Boredome :

If you want some serious cash, one of the sacrifices you need to make is feeling bored. That may sound weird right ?, but hear me out .. You know those days where you have nothing to do, so you just watch your favorite Netflix movie until you begin to melt into your couch? Instead of wasting this free time, use it to acquire a new skill, or develop your talents.

Rich people often value self-improvement and always try to make the most of themselves. Often this means learning a new skill that you can use to make money later. So what kinds of new things should you learn about, you ask? In order to learn a new skill, choose a couple of hours a week to devote to it. Take a class at a local community college or use the time to read a book on the topic you’d like to master even if it’s something you know absolutely nothing about, GIVE IT A TRY !!

4- Family life : 

As you’ve probably come to realize, financial success doesn’t just happen. Unless you were born into extreme wealth like Paris Hilton, you need to devote lots of time to work on your business and lifestyle to achieve the level of wealth you want … But what if you dream of having a wedding and lots of kids? it’s all about prioritizing. 

You can still have the family life if that’s what you want, just don’t focus on all that too much, Instead of putting all your energy toward dating or chasing after kids, focus your attention on how to further your career and stay sharp. This way, you can be selfish without being detrimental to the ones you love. The only way to handle this sacrifice is to set a timeline for yourself. 

3- A flashy lifestyle

Sure there are plenty of rich people who love flaunting their wealth, but they didn’t get to that level of financial freedom by doing so. Don’t spend money on the things you don’t really need. Settle for simple clothing and jewelry within your budget. If you spend copious amounts of money to vanity’s sake, then you’ll find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck instead of saving up.

This sacrifice also helps you to really value your money and understand where it’s going instead of just blowing it on stuff you don’t need. And once you’re getting the big bucks, you can absolutely get the Gucci bags or that Lamborghini you’ve had your eye on for years.

2- Sleep 

If you think you can earn extremely wealthy by getting a whopping 8 hours of sleep a night, you have another thing coming .. While it’s ideal to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep, working hard at your craft or career often requires sleepless night is that right? Even though there are 24 hours in a day, it sometimes doesn’t feel like enough! During this time, just accept the fact that you’re going to feel a little run down and tired from late nights at work of juggling multiple jobs. 

  1. Distracting entertainment 

This sacrifice can be especially challenging during a time when social media is just a click away at all times. I’m pretty sure Oprah Winfrey isn’t wasting away her time scrolling through her Instagram feed. When you’re working on building a business or honoring in on your craft, distractions can easily become your downfall. Entertainment like movies, TV shows, concerts and more not only waste valuable time but also your money.

Here is the thing : In one month, going to the cinema couple times, and maybe a concert or two can literally cost you hundreds of dollars, not to mention the fact that it took up tons of your time. Instead of getting distracted by entertaining event weekend or even some weeknights, designate one day a month to something fun and entertaining.