8 stuff you shouldn’t do with your Cat

6 Throw your cat out of the counter

A curious tabby poking his nostril into this chilling roast chook on the counter can be boring,

But it doesn’t deserve to be dealt with like a tom cat frisbee.

Grabbing and throwing your cat in frustration can damage your cat, each bodily, and spiritually.
Always handle your cat with care and your cat will respond to your wishes.

7 neglect about brushing your cat’s tooth

Cats don’t like someone touching their valuable pearly whites, and your cat’s reluctance to open wide has convinced you that dental treats are enough to protect Kitty’s smile.

However, the buildup of plaque, as a consequence of food particles and saliva, can grow to be tartar, which could result in enamel loss on the street.
Professional dental cleaning for cats is highly-priced, so easy your cat’s tooth day by day, or as a minimum, a few instances a week, to keep Kitty’s gums and tooth healthy.

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