12 Behavior Changes to Watch out for in Cats

knowing your cat behaviors every day is an important thing to think about for any cat owner. Because any behavioral issues or modifications can have impacts on your pet mood. Once you realize what behavior your cat is in, you can anticipate and analyse things in order to help your cat,

Aggressive behavior :

Some cats have a stronger attitude and will act out aggressively towards toys, other pets, or maybe you. This competitive behavior is a natural and often ordinary element that any cat can have if it does not have some other outlet to hunt and catch. but if a cat that has normally now not been aggressive all of sudden begins performing out, then that is a motive for the situation.

A cat that isn’t always usually prey-driven and is hissing, swatting, biting, and universal aggressive closer to other pets and/or humans might be trying to tell you something. ache and worry are frequently the reasons for a cat to have a behavior alternate that consequences in aggression. events that could cause a cat to be nervous encompass poor veterinary or boarding facility visits, new animals within the family or seen outdoor, poor encounters with people, new smells on you or your cat’s belongings, and more. ache may be elicited from the latest surgical treatment, a trauma-inducing twist of fate which includes a tail getting caught in a door, antique surgeries together with declawing or different amputation, dental ailment, or illness.

Resolving the competitive conduct may additionally suggest finding and removing the cause of the pain or fear, the usage of medications and conduct supplements, and reassuring your cat. the field isn’t always the solution for competitive behavior in cats.


1__ Offensive Behavior Changes :

Lot of Cat have the prey-drive and will act aggressively towards toys, childrens, other animals or even their owner and it is a fact bye nature, this offensive attitude tends to be very normal for these cute animals, if it does not have another outlet to hunt and catch, however if your cat is normally not aggressive, but then starts acting in an offensive way then its an alarm.

Finding out the reasons of your cat weird or aggressive attitude and resolve or eliminate the pain causing it by using medications and behavior supplements, and reassuring your cat. Discipline is not the solution for offensive behavior in cats.


2 Eating behavior changes :

Same like humain being, a normal cat will adapt an attitude for its eating method/time, however if you notice any changes in your cat speed of eating or appetite, the nit might be a sign that there is a problem and your cat needs your help to get over it.

Lets think of it, if your cat is eating more foods in the day, and not gaing weight, you might ask your veterinarian about hyperthyroidism, This is a very known thyroid issue in older cats and it will cause your pet to never feel full but also prevent them from gaining weight.

So If your cat starts to eat less or more, or even stops eating altogether, it is a good indication that it is not feeling well and you’d better visit a veterinarian


3 Hiding behavior changes :

Hiding is a natural behavior for cats that when they don’t feel well or scared, but usually fear is the drive reason behind why a cat hides though, and it often follows a stressful or traumatic event, Veterinary visits, people visiting your home that they aren’t used to, a change in your schedule, or when a dapt a new animal.

It the hinding is caused by a natural event that your cat will return to its normal attitude after a few days then it is normal, but if it is due to an illness or pain they may need to be checked out by the veterinarian. Nutritional supplements and pheromones may help with stress and fear,


4 Elimination Behavior Changes

One of the reason for cats to be relinquished, euthanized, is elimination problems. Changes in urination and defecation habits of your cat are most often related to stress, fear or lack of sleep,

When your cat suddently choose to defecate and/or urinate outside its box, this behavior has to tell you something, either that your cat does’nt like the size of the box, or the litter is dirty, They may also be trying to tell you that they don’t feel well and that they have a urinary tract infection or pain from a digestive tract problem

There other things can cause elimination behavior changes and even the experts do not fully comprehend all of them. But if you notice abnormally large clumps of litter from urine, spots of blood in the litter box, or your cat is straining, crying, or eliminating outside of the litter box, you should not hesitate to bring them into the veterinarian.


5 Changes in playing attitude :

If you own a cat you might notice that it loves when you’re playing with her, such as many other cats, they love with you came home and start playing with them, using some tools, or just with your hands, however when a playful cat doesn’t want to play as usual, the nit me be an indication that something is happening and you have to react.


6 Scratching behavior changes :

Scratching is maybe one of the favorite Cat positions, typically it is so normal for a cat to scratch, however if your cat starts scratching even more than the usual, It could be a sign that she is stressed, Nutritional supplements designed to relax your cat without sedating it.

Scratching is a form of marking and it leaves a cat’s scent on the item. The drive to scratch and mark is natural but if a cat is stressed it will be exacerbated.


7 Sleep attitude changes

When Cats do not feel well, they might fall asleep more than usual, we can make sure that there is a reason that your cat is just lazy or over-weight, but if your pet starts sleeping more than they use to do for more than a week you should schedule a visit to your veterinarian.


8 Grooming habit changes :

Grooming is a natural thing that cat do,so cats that stop grooming of have a major decrease in self grooming, might be ill and should be checked out by a veterinarian.

Some time fat cats who are gaining weight more than the usual can’t reach some ireas in their body, as a result they can’t groom themselves, they also feel tired and lazy to groom you, and to solve this you only to encourage your cat to lose some weight that’s it.


9 Vocalization behavior changes :

Kitten have many vocalisations and they also have reasons of making them, yowling or crying are signs of distress, fear, confusion or pain,

if your pet is making these noises there is absolutely something wrong with them, If your cat starts vocalizing more at night,

it may be due to cognitive dysfunction, you need to assess the situation and think about what changes could be causing the vocalizations,

If you can recognize the reasons of those noises that your cat is making consider scheduling a visit with your veterinarian to see if there is a medical reason causing distress in your cat.

10 Social interaction changes

Most cats used to interact with the different family members and also the other pets. However, cats who out of the blue if your cat refused to interact as the usual days or if it keeps withdrawing or even become aggressive owners have to pay attention. These changes can be caused by the anxiety and stress often caused by a new pet especially when it feels jealousy.. Change of lifestyle and environment can be the major reason for your pet cat interactions.
Dr. Barons_weil emphasize that indoor cats are more sensitive to some changes
The world seems small for indoor cats whereas outdoor cats can easily get away from things they don’t like for example they can hunt explore and mark their territory luckily indoor cats can’t get that luxurious choice
Indoor cats only living in a feline enriched environment are more able to tolerate and deal with some changes.
Indoor cats are in need of regular physical emotional and intellectual care to help keep them in good energy and in a good spirit.
Guiding cats to trees or something high where they can climb may be useful for them.
Because cats are greedy using toys to play with them from time to another will feed them with enough
Love and affection to keep them close and to build a strong and successful communicative relationship with them.


11 Cats changing appetite

Cats are finicky eaters. Although the myth said this it’s not actually the case.
Healthy cats enjoy their dishes and looking forward to feeding them.

Lack of appetite may be a sign of troubled stomach stress dental problems or ingestion problems which can lead to depression and anxiety in cats.

Particularly an unexplained appetite can mainly be caused by poor food absorption which must be treated by the veterinarian.

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12 Weight changes in your cat

If your cat gained more weight or it lost weight suddenly that’s not normal which needed to be treated and figure out the reasons behind it.
Cats can be greedy eater often owners cannot notice weight loss or gain…
Diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease… Are some of the most common medical conditions that may cause unexplained weight also if there are changes in the diet it may lead to appetite loss which directly will cause weight loss.

Fluid retention also can cause internal organ diseases which may damage or affect negatively the cat’s appetite.
If a cat showed one of these symptoms the owner must consult the veterinarian.