16 Things You Should Never Do To Your Cat In Your Lifetime

11 Do Not Skip Heartworm Treatment

Mosquitoes and fleas that carry heartworms enter your home unannounced and prove to be headache-inducing.

There are many cases that show how fleas can enter your home, for example when your cat meets your friend’s cat, and here is the chance of mosquitoes to pass on to your cat.

There are plenty of flea and heartworm prevention treatments available across the table, so your personal cat is safer.

Important tip – there is no best cat treats for heartworms in cats.

10 Do Not Leave Your Feline personal cat Outdoors Unsupervised

Your cunning friend’s response to the outside world may be filled with curiosity, confusion, fear, and anxiety. Without any supervision, your cat may run away or hide under the trash when large animals approach it.

Encourage your cat through your presence, and keep him securely leashed, for your own peace of mind and your cat’s peace of mind.

09 Do Not Keep Windows Open

Closing windows improperly will cause serious problems for your cat. Your cat may be curious about a bird flying near the window, and your cat may easily jump out of the window and may even collapse.

If you are at work and you leave your cat at home and something like this happens while you are away from home, your cat will be in an awkward situation.

Avoid this scenario by keeping windows tightly and securely locked.

08 Do Not Place Your personal cat On Your Lap (Riding Or Driving Time)

Most cats hate traveling and don’t like being stuck inside a carrier. A free cat inside a car can turn into a terrified animal and sometimes it will get nervous and turn into an aggressive animal.

Provide a place for your cat in the car to defecate, you can buy the best kitty litter boxes, and put it in your car.

A divorced cat annoys the driver. And with a free cat moving around in the car, your next stop would be the hospital.

Therefore, it is best to put a holder for your cat and put it in a safe place before embarking on your trip.

07 Do Not Treat Your Personal Cat Like A Frisbee

Your cat may look disgusting when she dips her nose into the litter bin, but your cat deserves more respect. Kicking or handling your cat in anger because it has done something wrong can seriously injure your cat, both mentally and physically.

You will have to find the best cat treats that are appropriate for your cat’s health condition.

Treat your cat like a newborn baby and give her more love and affection, and your cat will never behave badly again.

06 Do Not Fail To Brush Your Kitten’s Teeth

Cats hate brushing and bleaching their teeth, and this may prompt you to feed them with cat dental treatments.

As the days go by, tartar will build up on your cat’s teeth, leading to tooth loss, cavities and eventually severe pain for your cat.

Clean your cat’s teeth regularly so that your cat’s health and gums are good. You can also prevent unnecessary and expensive dental cleanings by a vet.

05 Do Not Forget Those Hairballs

Cats love to clean themselves, and their tongues lick loose hair that is later swallowed. When your cat collects some hairballs, you can simply without complaining clean up the place and get on with your work.

Regular grooming can easily reduce the amount of hair your cat ingests, which indicates that there are only a few rights to shedding.

Regular accumulation of hairballs can indicate some kind of gastrointestinal disease. Call your vet and ask for his opinion if you feel something is wrong.

04 Do Not Skip Vet Visits

Cats often appear healthy and active as usual, play and look happy, and eat well. Cats are known to suffer from health problems ranging from cancer to poor eyesight.

Cats are so good at hiding their true state of health that they are like a professional actor when it comes to it. A regular vet visit can help you spot and treat minor health issues for your cat before they become horrific.

With your drop’s health status recorded, there is hardly any surprise.

03 Do Not Forget To Insure

When your cat is insured, in this case you can choose the best treatment based on the recommendation of your veterinarian, without worrying about your savings.

There are a lot of diseases that can drain all the money you have collected, such as diabetes and so on. Choose the best insurance for your cat and avoid this difficult situation.

02 Do Not Avoid Microchipping

Use a microchip, as it only takes a few minutes to scan and identify the legitimate owner through a shelter or other cat rescue agency.

Not having an ID or strong tags to identify the cat’s owner will only delay the reunification process with the cat’s legitimate owner.

Install a microchip for your cat and feel safe.

01 Do Not Declaw Your Feline Friend

If your cat likes to scratch a lot, never untie her claws. If this bothers you, contact a cat behavior expert for guidance and further suggestions.

There are a lot of scratch-resistant toys and poles available in the market and your vet can guide you to buy the best toys in this field.