Why Cats Groom Themselves So frequently

whilst Cat Grooming turns into Obsessive

Grooming to excess can emerge as an obsessive-compulsive behavior that can result in bald patches and pores and skin sores.

Cats’ over-grooming is regularly due to strain and may be likened to humans’ addiction of biting their nails to the fast. Cats, in trendy, intensely dislike change of any kind. a new toddler, a dying within the family, even the rearranging of fixtures, could be the cause for this obsessive grooming. bodily reasons might encompass flea bites or ringworm, so it’s far necessary to rule those out earlier than diagnosing a pressure reaction.

Cats who were taken faraway from their mothers at a completely early age were no longer allowed the regular weaning period, and could often self-groom through licking or sucking. This conduct will typically lessen and disappear over the years whilst the kitten is saved in secure and predictable surroundings.