Why Do Cats Chase Lasers?

All cat dad and mom are acquainted with the eternal warfare between cat and laser pointer. For something so small and scentless, that little pink dot certain can maintain cats busy—in spite of (or possibly because of) the truth that they by no means surely can seize it. interestingly although, there’s some debate about whether or no longer laser suggestions are an exquisite toy for our feline buddies. So why do cats chase lasers, and is it time to ditch the laser in want of an exceptional form of toy?

The appeal of the Laser

Lasers are inherently stimulating to cats due to what they represent: fast-shifting prey. just due to the fact your cat doesn’t need to work tough for its food (until you rely on all the attempt it takes to meow all morning until you top off its bowl), doesn’t mean that it’s no longer hardwired for the process.

as the dot of a laser darts around the room, your cat interprets it as a small animal looking to run and conceal. As such, sure inherent feline behaviors pop out, significantly the innate choice to hunt, pounce, and kill the prey in question. The fact that it’s merely a projection doesn’t count very an awful lot due to the fact your cat is running on auto-pilot, no longer on the mind.

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