Why Do Cats Chase Lasers?

Laser Pointer safety suggestions

provided that your cat appears to absolutely enjoy chasing a laser and isn’t just stuck in an endless loop of hunt-pounce-unhappiness, there’s likely not anything to be worried about approximately. Chasing a laser is a top notch way on your cat to get a few bodily and intellectual exercise, and also we could it tap into its kitty instincts for a bit—something that indoor cats don’t get to do pretty as often as they may like to.

Of direction, you ought to nevertheless ensure to follow the right protection tips to avoid harming your cat throughout the play. right here are large ones to observe.

Don’t shine the light directly in your cat’s eyes. Even toy lasers emit a very vibrant light, so you should not shine it without delay at your cat (or yourself!). in case you do, you may motive vision troubles and/or eye accidents.

provide your cat with plenty of different toys. If the laser is your cat’s simplest outlet for play, it’s more likely that frustration will start to accumulate. ensure that it has to get entry to loads of other objects for searching and gambling with, which include catnip toys and wands.