Why Your Dog Always Follows You to your Bathroom

For those of you wondering about this, here’s the reason why your dog follows you into the bathroom. 

Now any dog lover knows one rock-solid truth a pup in your life is one of the best things a person can experience, dog love is undemanding and selfless, and they find numerous ways to express this love if you learn to recognize some of your dog’s quirks for what they are you’ll start to understand your pet even better.

 One of the main things dog owners often ask is why does my dog follow me into the bathroom? In fact, there are several reasons for this behavior and we’ll tell about every single one just keep reading..

If you’re a happy dog owner you’re most likely familiar with this little whim of your beloved pet whenever you visit the bathroom, your dog comes right in behind you, if you’ve always thought that your pet just wants to spy on you, and maybe compromise your privacy think again…

First and foremost you shouldn’t forget that dogs are pack animals that’s why they feel unhappy and vulnerable when they suddenly find themselves alone if you’re at home your doggie doesn’t want to lose time that can be otherwise spent with you

The notion of alone time doesn’t exist for dogs when they are in a pack, they constantly interact with others, they eat, play hunt or patrol together that’s why they can’t understand that you might want some time for yourself, in fact, your pet believes that they’re doing you a favor by keeping your company in the bathroom. In addition, they deliberately position themselves as close to you as possible in case you need something.

The next possible reason for this behavior is that your dog may be protecting you, the chances are high that your dog follows you to the bathroom to make sure you’re safe while you’re busy with whatever you need to do in there, you can’t defend yourself if it becomes necessary but don’t worry in case of an attack your fluffy friend will briefly step in as your bodyguard

Well, there’s one more explanation for your dog’s little quirk, however, it’s not as altruistic as the previous ones, your dog might simply be curious, after all, it’s their house too.